Lynn Roth

Roth Creative’s Big Idea.
In a nut shell, Roth Creative is not a full-service advertising agency (although that’s where we got our start), instead we are a single one-man shop with a big idea, to provide professionally designed advertising and marketing materials for everyone, affordably.

Wedding Invites To Corporate Websites.
Imagine if the two words “Professional” and “Affordable” got married. It seems a bit absurd to think anything professional or custom surly can not also be affordable. At Roth Creative we disagree. We can provide you or your business with custom, professionally designed materials to improve your brand and create a stronger, more appealing presence with your audience. From wedding invites to corporate websites, Roth Creative will take your project to a new level of appeal.

A Man With A Mac.
I’m not a myth nor a legend. I’m a guy that likes to combine good design with effective marketing. My name is Lynn Roth. I am a highly skilled, results driven, communication and marketing professional/consultant with expertise in; print and electronic marketing, graphic design and layout, website development, SEO and analytical data mining, social media integration, media buying, public relations, customer/client services and sales. My skills have been used to help organizations increase and maintain customer loyalty; build upon new opportunities within existing target markets; and consistently provide a road map for effectively communicating messages in a complex array of intersecting media outlets. My acquired range of marketing/communication expertise in traditional and emerging online technologies has helped organizations to broaden their marketing objectives and build upon proven and time-tested techniques for achieving a higher level of integrated touch-points throughout a larger network of today’s communication channels.

I believe to effectively pierce through today’s sea of communicated messages requires an expert with an entrepreneurial approach to business marketing and a strong desire to apply and adapt to cultural changes in the way in which communication is shared. I am very comfortable with mixing different marketing and communication disciplines and practices in order to come up with a creative solution which fosters increased frequency and penetration of your message and brand. I believe there is always a different and better way to market a product or service as well as optimize ROI and fuel revenue growth. Today’s marketing professionals must be diverse in ways to provide, negotiate and evaluate marketing communications in outlets such as; newspaper, radio, television, blogs, e-mail, mobile messaging, social media, web and Web 2.0, billboard, magazine, transit, etc. In an industry characterized by rapid changes in technology it is imperative to know and understand how the media is interconnected and more importantly which message will drive the next customer/member or client through your door.