Reference Quotes

“As Lynn’s former supervisor, when you are fortunate enough to have the talent and depth that Lynn possesses it is simply a matter of listening. Lynn is a talented graphic artist, but his grounded understanding of marketing and its function within a business makes Lynn unique. To any organization considering Lynn I would say this, Lynn would be a fantastic asset. Lynn understands Business and Marketing, and has the ability to graphically connect them.
Alan Schuster • Former: Sr. VP of Marketing & Business Development/DuTrac CCU • Current: President/Manager EverGreen Construction

Lynn proved a great asset in terms of talent, creativity and professionalism. It was rare when he didn’t exceed expectation on any given project.  It’s clear by his work ethic and enthusiasm that he has true passion and takes real pride in his efforts.  These traits along with his drive and energy will serve him well in what is certain to be a long and successful career.
Bill Smith • President/Creative Director • Happee Smith Productions

Over the past several years I have  had the opportunity to work closely with Lynn Roth on both business and personal levels, allowing me to see first-hand the application of his many talents.  Lynn has a unique combination of outstanding technical and communication skills in the areas of graphic and creative design as well as proven experience in managing staff, marketing/advertising budgets, and media placements.  He also excels at project management, possessing the organization, discipline, and teamwork skills to see strategic initiatives through to completion.  On a personal level, I have found Lynn to be professional, focused on company objectives/timelines, unassuming, and respectful in his dealings with people.  I highly recommend Lynn to any organization seeking an individual with proven technical skills and extensive experience in marketing/advertising/communication management.
Thomas J. Stecher • Education & Curriculum Specialist • Heartland financial USA, Inc.

“Lynn is one of the most professional and personable students I have had the honor of teaching at Clarke. He is able to share his valuable experiences in design, marketing and advertising with others, but he is also a team player. Lynn had a genuine interest in his classmates ideas and was open-minded when it came to learning more about his field.
Kylie Loeffelholz • Adjunct Instructor in the Department of Communication • Clarke University

“During his time as a Master of Arts student in my class, Mr. Roth demonstrated professionalism and leadership within and outside the classroom.  As a student in my Public Relations course, he took keen interest in learning about Public Relations and shared this enthusiasm with his classmates.  As a graduate assistant, he oversaw the work of an undergraduate student and taught an undergraduate speech class.
Professor Kimberly Schwartz, BA, MA, ABD • Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication • University of Dubuque

Lynn is one of my favorite clients to work with.  Although he is a tough negotiator, he is very organized and always seems to be ahead of schedule for each campaign.  He demands the best stations and the best dayparts for his company, and I respect that.  I admire his attention to detail and greatly value his business.
Lori Mitchell • Senior Account Representative • Clear Channel Media & Entertainment

In the entire time I have known Lynn, I have never known his work to be below superb.
Fred Brown • Director of Marketing & Member Development • Northeast Family Federal Credit Union

Without a doubt, Lynn is the finest graphic designer I have ever employed and I have been managing in the graphic arts industry for almost 35 years.  Not only was he fast and accurate, but constantly looked for ways to make himself better.  He has a very imaginative mind for layout and design. Lynn always aspired for greater accomplishments and has continually moved up the corporate ladder.  Not only is he very accomplished as a designer but is also very savvy in the marketing arena.  I believe Lynn is a visionary in the graphic arts world and will continue to do great things throughout his career.  Lynn is also a true gentleman and is well respected in the Dubuque community.
Ronald P. Doser • General Manager • Copyworks

Lynn is a thinker. He is always coming up with great ideas that translate easily into real world applications. He is innovative in his processes and knows how to bring his ideas to life.
Matt Hodson • Digital Media Manager • Arizona State University Alumni Association

Lynn’s objectives include getting the most exposure with the greatest return for the members of DuTrac Community Credit Union. Lynn is very knowledgeable about his product and that makes it easy for us to work together. With Lynn’s help, DuTrac receives the best targeted advertising Radio Dubuque can offer.
Perry Mason • General Sales Manager • Radio Dubuque, Inc.

“Lynn is meticulous in his media placement and is constantly looking for new branding opportunities to set his advertising apart from his competitors.  He understands the value of advertising and places targeted advertising campaigns that stretches dollars and reaches the appropriate target audience.
Angie DeVolder • Local Majors Sales Manager • Quad-City Times

“Serious design work that screams professional…or boldly states it. Whichever you prefer.
Bruce A. Ulrich • Marketing/Communications Manager • BankPlus