Vehicle Skins

Digital Designs Boat Skin
This is a custom illustration designed for Digital Designs custom boat. All the waves, palm trees and affects are all custom and created from scratch. No clip art on this beautiful boat!

JJ Scheckel Truck Image Thumbnail
JJ Scheckel Truck Skin
This is a half skin graphic running down the side of the white truck. Note the 3D effects applied to the company logo as well as the ripped aluminum paneling effect.

Lamotte Telephone Van Image Thumbnail
LaMotte Telephone Company Van Skin
This company van has a 3D logo effect as well as custom illustrated cabling intertwined throughout the 3/4 skin.

Great Sounds Audio Video Car Image Thumbnail
Great Sounds Audio & Video HHR Car Skin
This skin has a 3D logo extruding out from a HD television along with colorful speakers protruding out from the door panels. Bright colors and thin lines add for an exciting skin full of motion.

Bird Chevrolet Truck Skin
This truck carries the Chevrolet All-American appeal with the American flag in the background. Note the detail given in the custom illustrated Chevrolet emblem.

Neiland Refrigeration Van Image Thumbnail
Nieland Refrigeration Service Van Skin
When it comes to refrigeration, this van leaves others in the cold. A custom full wrap of glacier ice and frost logo effects tie perfectly with this company van.

North End Auto Van Image Thumbnail
North End Auto Wrecking Van  Skin
This van is hard not to notice on the road. With bright colors and a wide variety of auto parts, it’s clear what they specialize in. Note the 3D logo effects and isolated auto parts.

DAC Recycle Trailer Image Thumbnail
DAC County Recycle Trailer Skin
One of my personal favorites, this trailer turned out beautifully. Note the custom illustrated Jackson County logo and attention to detail in the recycle tree.

Digital Designs Truck Image Thumbnail
Digital Designs Truck Skin
A leader in sign manufacturing and large format printing, Digital Designs shows off their ability to wrap their company vehicle with this custom graphic. Note the various layers of special effects in this skin.

DuTrac CCU Bus Image Thumbnail
DuTrac Community Credit Union Bus Skin
It doesn’t get any bigger than this. A full skin on a city bus. Placement and size of the graphics have to be extremely accurate to pull this off.

Recker Kart Trailer Image Thumbnail
Recker Kart Racing Trailer Skin
This trailer is one-of-a-kind with a polished logo and kart photo shooting through the aluminum side of the trailer.

Paintless Dent Repair Trailer Image Thumbnail
Paintless Dent Repair Trailer Skin
This trailer logo shows custom illustrated hail and dents applied to the logo. Good thing it’s just a sticker and not actual dents.

Julien Hotel Passenger Van Image Thumbnail
Hotel Julien Dubuque Passenger Bus Skin
This sophisticated looking passenger van is only a 1/4 skin. Applied from the bottom and fading to white the artwork is subtle and classy.

Great Sounds Audio Video Truck Image Thumbnail
Great Sounds Audio & Video Delivery Truck Skin
This delivery truck matches the HHR listed above. There’s no mistaking what this truck is hauling.

Goldmoor Inn Passenger Bus Image Thumbnail
Goldmoor Inn Passenger Bus Skin
This skin is simple and classy. Note the scroll typography and feathered image of the hotel.

MediaCom RV Image Thumbnail
Mediacom Connections RV Skin
This artwork is custom illustrated and depicting the Mediacom Man flying on a jet-packed mouse while holding a remote. Note all the detail and shading in the artwork…now imagine it printed and applied on a 36 foot RV.

Belstar Properties Car Image Thumbnail
Belstar Properties Car Skin
This skin has a lot going on, but there is no mistaking….they buy homes.

Runde Van Image Thumbnail
Runde Custom Upholstery Van Skin
This van has nice use of a 1/4 skin applied to the back of the van. Note the feathering used to blend the various images.